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Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Jan 9, 2023

Clutter in your home often builds slowly over time. You may not even realize it’s happening until it gets to an unmanageable and overwhelming state. A cluttered home can cause a variety of issues for homeowners including mental and physical health concerns, safety hazards, and more. It may be hard to find the time and mentally daunting to take on the task, but decluttering your home has quite a few really positive effects. Check out the list below to help motivate you to get started!

  • Extra space

One of the most obvious benefits of getting rid of your home’s clutter is the extra space! Decluttering areas that are often ignored such as your basement, garage or storage closet can create an opportunity for an entirely new, usable area without the cost of other options like remodeling or moving to a bigger home. Just think of all the things you could do with a cleaned out basement or garage. In need of a home office, entertainment room or exercise area? Now you have the space!

  • Easier Access

If you’ve got clutter chances are you aren’t going to have very good access to your things. This makes your clutter even more of a hindrance as you don’t even have the ability to use anything you may be storing. Once you get rid of some of the excess items you don’t have any use for, it will improve your accessibility allowing you to actually use some of your stored items.

  • Cleanliness

One thing that always comes hand in hand with clutter is uncleanliness. If you’ve got spaces full of cluttered items it’s going to be impossible to clean and the area quickly becomes a breeding ground for pests, rodents, and things like mold. Don’t let these things fester and create unwelcome smells and health concerns that can degrade the value of your home.

  • Better Mental Health

Clutter and mental health may not seem related at first but multiple studies have shown that a cluttered home leads to a decline in health and happiness. It makes sense that when living with clutter, your mind will obsess and stress over the unneeded items taking up valuable space in your home. Clearing away junk is a great first step to improved mental health. 

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