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Homewood Junk Removal Service

At 1st Class Junk Removal, we offer the best Homewood junk removal service. Our team is happy to haul many kinds of junk you may have in your home, as long as it isn’t hazardous. We have the skills needed to clear out your hard-to-reach storage areas, so never hesitate to give us a call. 

Why Choose Our Homewood Junk Removal Service?

Junk removal takes one part skill and two parts caution. After all, the job might involve lifting furniture up and down flights of stairs, through hallways and out the door. It’s a task with some safety risks, so skip the stress and let our professionals take care of it. Simply put, it’s a lot easier to hand the job to someone else! We work hard to get everything done in a timely manner. You’ll be satisfied with our services—guaranteed. 

  • Professional Service. Junk removal might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but we make it a professional one. Our team takes each and every call seriously. We arrive at your home or business in our uniforms with all of our equipment in tow. In short, we value professionalism and maintain a credible image. 
  • Approachable Team. Have a question? We’re happy to answer. Our team members uphold our standards of friendliness and approachability. Our smiles are a part of our uniform. 
  • Outstanding Work. The job’s not done until you’re satisfied. We do each job thoroughly and charge you based on how much room your stuff takes up in our dumpster. We don’t leave a trace behind.  

1st Class Junk Removal Handles All Kinds of Jobs

After years of neglect, your home or office might be filled with junk. As we continue to pile on the stuff without taking the time to organize it, we end up with quite the intimidating mess. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this on your own! Our team is here for you when you need a hand. We’ll save you many hours of hard work by removing the junk in no time. 

Our team tackles a variety of cleanout jobs. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Estate Cleaning: As though losing a loved one isn’t enough, clearing out their home is a difficult, emotionally-draining task. After you’ve taken everything you want to keep, call our team. We offer a compassionate, empathetic hand during this challenging time. We’ll clear out the home of any junk. 
  • Commercial Cleanouts: We’re always happy to help our fellow local businesses! We have experience working with different commercial clients, including offices. Let us remove your desks, chairs and filing cabinets for you, as well as any other junk. 
  • Storage Space Junk Removal: We all have places in our homes where the junk just never seems to end: garages, attics and basements. Our team cleans out all of these spaces. It’s a faster alternative than attempting to manage it on your own. 

Call Our Team Today

Ready to say goodbye to your junk? Call 1st Class Junk Removal! You will greatly appreciate our professional Homewood junk removal service. If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please schedule an appointment with us. 

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