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If you could use a hand getting rid of your unwanted stuff, 1st Class Junk Removal is here to step up to the task. We’re a small business that specializes in junk removal. For over 20 years, we’ve helped homeowners across Northwest Indiana clean out their storage spaces. Choose us for efficient Schererville junk removal. 

Schererville Junk Removal Services for Homes and Businesses

Tired of looking at your piles of junk? It’s time to clean them out. This can be a long and tiring process, especially if you haven’t cleaned out the room in years. If so, a professional junk removal team is exactly what you need. We have many team members who are prepared to take care of your junk removal project. With decades of training, we know how to handle junk removal jobs of all kinds. No matter what items you need us to remove, we’ll handle it with ease! 

  • Services for residential and commercial clients
  • Great pricing
  • Professional, friendly staff
  • Everything completed in a timely manner
  • Over 20 years of experience

Is it Time For a Professional Junk Removal Team?

When it’s time to go through your junk, you may wonder whether you should hire a junk removal team. Of course, our team is worth it! Here’s why you should choose to hand the job to the professionals:

  • You’re dealing with furniture. One of the many jobs we do includes commercial cleanouts for offices. If you’ve ever tried to lift a desk on your own, you know how heavy these items are. This is true if you’re a homeowner trying to take things up or down a flight of stairs. It’s risky, but we’re experienced. We know how to safely remove your junk.
  • You appreciate convenience. A DIY junk removal job is no easy feat. You need to rent your own dumpster, which is typically costly, and then you have to do everything else on your own. Further, if you want to recycle or donate some items, you’ll have to sort everything and then take care of it yourself. It’s a lot easier to hire someone else to do it.
  • There’s just too much stuff. Let’s face it: no one has time to clean out a full-sized room in a short amount of time. Sorting through all your belongings, reorganizing them and getting the unwanted stuff to the junkyard is a lengthy process. On the other hand, a professional junk removal team can get the job done much faster since we’re used to the chaos.

If you try to do everything yourself, you will be more likely to cave into the stress. Many of our clients appreciate how we do our job with the environment in mind. Determining what’s recyclable and what’s not can be a pain, but not for our team! Since we have so much experience with junk removal, we know what can be repurposed and what is destined for the junkyard. Leave it to us.

Our Services Are First Class

If you’ve decided that hiring a professional Schererville junk removal team is right for you, call 1st Class Junk Removal! Our team will be right over to assess the project and let you know how much the job will cost. 

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