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Clean Out Tips for When You’re Downsizing & Moving

Oct 10, 2022

Larger homes may be beneficial for some families, but for others, the maintenance required is more than they can handle. Moving to a smaller home is the right move at all stages of life, whether you’re an empty-nester or simply want a more compact, tidy space. If you’re planning on downsizing, you’re probably already aware that you can’t bring everything with you to your new home due to reduced storage. That’s why you’ll have a much easier time moving if you declutter your home first. 

1st Class Junk Removal offers efficient pre-moving junk hauling. Here are a few tips to make your cleanout successful. 

Make an Inventory of Your Belongings

When you’re used to living in a spacious house, it’s easy to underestimate the transition of moving to a smaller home. Naturally, there’s a lot that you’d like to take with you. But with less storage space available, you’ll have to prioritize items and get rid of what you no longer need. Creating an inventory of your belongings can make this process manageable. You might organize by room and create boxes labeled, “keep,” “dispose,” and “storage.”

As you sort through your items, consider what you haven’t used in years and whether you actually need it. Our junk hauling team can take away everything you’d like to remove for you. We are committed to supporting a cleaner earth and will donate or recycle as much of your stuff as possible.  

Start As Early As Possible

Moving is a hectic time, and your family is probably pulled in several different directions at once. Removing your clutter sooner rather than later can take a huge burden off of your shoulders. You won’t have to worry about frantically sifting through your items a week before the moving date: call our team as soon as possible to start the process now.  

Create a Plan to Remove Unwanted Items

Once you’ve decided which items you’ll be parting with, consider your options for removing them from your house. Some items you may wish to pass onto other loved ones or give away to friends. Your family might also have a yard sale to help with the task. However, if your items are generally worn-down and not in great shape, your best bet is to hire a professional junk removal team since we manage the entire disposal process for you. We’ll donate or recycle any eligible items while the rest are properly handled. 

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Remember that it’s normal to feel stressed or emotional when moving. Downsizing your house means saying goodbye to the home you’ve lived in for many years, and those feelings may be intensified when you must remove your belongings, too. Give yourself some time to adjust to your new space before buying new items. You may be surprised by the differences in space, so if you need help with your post-moving junk removal, don’t hesitate to give our team a call and we’ll be glad to lend you a hand. 

Call 1st Class Junk Removal for Dependable St. John Junk Hauling Services

1st Class Junk Removal is fully committed to our clients, and we understand that you’re likely stressed as you plan your move. Our team is available by phone, text or email to set up a time to haul away your items. Get in touch today for the outstanding services that you deserve.



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