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How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Nov 23, 2022

Some of the most daunting items to face when trying to declutter your home are furniture pieces. Smaller items are easier to handle and remove but large furniture pieces can be heavy and cumbersome. Removing furniture can be difficult and there are some important factors to consider as you decide how best to get rid of these items. Below are some helpful tips to follow when preparing to get rid of old, unwanted furniture.

Step 1: Sort

One thing you can do prior to the actual removal of your items is to sort them. This is especially important if you’re getting rid of a lot of junk and/or different types of items. You can begin by sorting into three piles, what to sell, donations and what to junk. As you’re going through your items you may discover things in relatively good condition that you would like to try to sell before giving away. Other items that are in good condition but you do not want to keep can be donated. If you hire professionals at 1st Class Junk Removal, they would be more than happy to donate these items for you. Once you’ve followed these steps you’re already well on your way in the junk removal process and have made the next steps that much easier. 

Step 2: Choose How to Junk

When it comes to discarding furniture you have a couple of options, some of which are paying for a dumpster, a garage sale or hiring a junk removal company. Paying for a dumpster for the day allows you to have flexibility with junking your items but still leaves you to do all of the heavy lifting. A garage sale can be a good option if your items are in decent condition and you’re looking to make a few bucks but you can still end up stuck with unwanted items that haven’t sold. If you hire professionals like 1st Class Junk Removal they will handle the entire process from start to finish. Trained specialists will save you physical and mental labor by moving your items themselves and knowing exactly what items are safe to junk and what are not. 

Step 3: Be Environmentally Friendly

After you have gone through the steps to sort your unwanted furniture and have it ready for your preferred junking option, you may consider the best way to dispose of your items. There are many benefits to recycling and reusing these items such as lowering CO2 emissions, taking up less space in landfills, and repurposing pieces. Hiring 1st Class Junk Removal streamlines this process as we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. Whenever possible we will donate or recycle the junk items we pick up. We’re also trained to repurpose items, for example, wood, metal and plastics can all be broken down and reused.  

Benefits to Professional Junking

Getting rid of old, large furniture items doesn’t have to be a big project. 1st Class Junk Removal professionals will take all of the hassle and worry out of the process leaving you with nothing to worry about except what to do with the extra space after removal! Call today to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation!  



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