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Office and Commercial Cleanouts in Northwest Indiana & the South and Southwest Suburbs

You might associate junk removal projects with garages or other residential storage spaces that are overflowing with clutter. However, there are many instances where commercial spaces would benefit from junk removal services, too. Businesses are filled with bulky objects like computers and desks that can prove difficult to remove. Fortunately, 1st Class Junk Removal doesn’t just help with home cleanouts: we haul junk from commercial spaces like offices, construction sites and more. 

As a family-run business ourselves, we recognize that you don’t have an endless amount of time to dedicate towards a cleanout. Our efficiency is unrivaled, making our services the perfect choice for your commercial cleanout needs. We’ll clear your junk the same day we provide a free quote – guaranteed! Our uniformed team is ready to clean up your office or commercial space at any time.  

When Your Office Needs Junk Removal Services

There are many reasons a business might need a cleanout. Maybe you’re a retailer undergoing liquidation and need to get rid of the extra merchandise. You might be getting remodeling done in your office and must remove the old furniture to make room for the new. Many times, the desks and chairs used in offices are significantly heavier and harder to move than those that are used in homes. Instead of attempting to lug these through your office yourself, let our junk removal team take care of it!

No matter what your reason is, 1st Class Junk Removal Services can help ease your commercial renovation or move. Our team will help take care of the cleanup before you leave using the right equipment. If you need a hand removing objects from your office or business, the team at 1st Class Junk Removal is here to help! 

Helping Contractors for Over 20 Years

Construction projects typically result in lots of debris, whether it’s windows, wood, concrete, or other materials, especially if it was a large-scale project. If you’re a contractor, you might feel stressed by the amount of junk left at the site. This is a job for us: 1st Class Junk Removal will quickly clear the site of debris. We also provide services for contractors by hauling construction debris. We’ll take care of any kind of construction-related materials!

Not a contractor? Not a problem! We haul construction debris from anywhere. If you’re a business that’s getting work done on the inside or outside of your building, you probably have lots of debris that need to be cleared and might not have time to organize a dumpster rental. We gladly help remove debris from homes as well. If you’ve been hard at work on a home renovation project and need help cleaning up, reach out to us.    

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1st Class Junk Removal is a leading provider of junk removal services in Northwest Indiana! If you’d like to learn more about our services, we can discuss what we can do for you during an appointment where we evaluate your junk and give you a free quote. For assistance and to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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