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The Dangers of Hoarding

Dec 19, 2022

When we think of clutter we often think of its inconvenience. We think of the space it takes up, the lack of accessibility and more. What we may not often consider is the even more serious concern of hoarding. Someone who is hoarding has extreme difficulty parting with items regardless of their actual sentimental or financial value. Hoarders tend to go a step beyond just having some unneeded clutter. Hoarder’s homes can literally be piled to the ceiling with junk and can cause emotional, physical, and financial distress for themselves and their family members. Hoarding isn’t just an inconvenience, it can pose real dangers to homeowners. If you find yourself or someone you know struggling with hoarding please know the professionals at 1st Class Junk removal are here to help. As you deal with the consequences of hoarding we would be happy to remove the clutter that has built up in your home. 

Physical Dangers

  • Typically in hoarding situations the clutter is not contained to one area like an attic, basement or storage room. Hoarding can cause entryways, hallways, bedrooms and more to be filled with unusable items. The sheer amount of items can make areas of the home completely inaccessible. Items are often stacked haphazardly creating a very real concern for falling items. 
  • Not only are falling items a concern but hoarding can put residents at risk if there were ever a fire or an emergency that required quick, efficient exit of the home. Clutter being crammed into every area of the residence could pose extreme risks during natural disasters be it fire, earthquake, flooding etc.
  • Your safety is not the only thing at risk with hoarding. Hoarding can also cause serious health issues. The amount of clutter can often hide things like garbage and animal droppings that can fester and cause health issues to any residents in the home. You won’t be able to clean well with a home that has a hoarding issue which can also result in issues like mold causing health concerns. 
  • The mental health of the home’s residents and even family members who live outside of the home can be negatively affected by hoarding. Hoarding often accompanies someone struggling with anxiety and depression which often worsens as the hoarding increases. Family members and other residents can also develop mental health issues as they deal with the effects of hoarding.

Call the Professionals

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to hoarding such as mental and physical health issues. While dealing with hoarding can certainly seem overwhelming, it is possible to overcome. A mental health professional can help deal with the root causes of hoarding while trained specialists at 1st Class Junk Removal can assist with the clutter that has accumulated as a result. From start to finish, our professionals will handle your situation with respect, care, and expertise. We will see your junk removed in a timely manner and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Hoarding can be very difficult to deal with, let us use our over 20 years of experience to make the process easier. Contact us today for a transparent, commitment-free quote.



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