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Tips For Organizing Your Attic

Feb 12, 2023

The attic, that often dreaded space above your head, tends to get precariously packed full of all manner of items that rarely, if ever, see the light of day. They also typically contain one entryway and are known for being difficult to move around in. This lack of easy access paired with a lot of stored items can make the idea of reorganizing your attic completely overwhelming, but fret not! Whether you are doing a complete reorganization or some more simple tidying up, this is an important project, and there are plenty of tips and tricks to help get the job done. 

  • Start With A Plan

As with any project in life, it’s always best to start with a plan. What is your end goal? What is your timeframe for completion, and how much time a day can you set aside for the project? Are there specific items you want to keep or get rid of? All of these questions are important, and figuring them out and creating a plan before getting started will go a long way in making this project easier and less stressful to complete.

  • Remove Everything

If you are planning on doing any kind of significant work in your attic, you will most likely start by completely removing all items from the space. When you bring items down, you’ll want to have enough space to be able to easily catalog and sort through everything. 

  • Inventory and Sorting

Once you have removed all items from your attic (hooray!), you’ll want to inventory and sort everything. Start with a list of all items so you can easily keep track of them. Your sorting will be personal to you but may include categories like giveaway, keep, items that need easier access, seasonal items, etc. 

  • Map Your Attic

After inventory and sorting, it’s a good idea to map out your attic before you go back up. Draw out your space and create a plan for where you want each stored item to go, making sections for things that will or won’t need more regular access. This step will make the process a lot easier when you put your attic storage back and ensure you have access to the things you need, which helps prevent clutter from reaccumulating again.

  • Clean

It’s not often you’ll have your attic empty, so take advantage of this time to tidy up; it will also help keep your stored items in better condition.

  • Finishing Up

After cleaning, you are ready for the last step, returning all your storage to its designated space. Congratulations, you’ve successfully reorganized your attic!

Professional Help

There may be a variety of reasons reorganizing your attic on your own is something you just simply cannot do. Whether it’s time constraints or physical limitations, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your attic reorganization project. Our team at 1st Class Junk Removal can help remove your items from your attic and junk any items you don’t want anymore, taking a lot of time, stress, and heavy lifting out of the project. Call the professionals at 1st Class Junk Removal to get started with a free quote!



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