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What To Do With Unwanted Furniture

Mar 16, 2023

Over time you may find yourself looking for ways to get rid of large and bulky furniture items like bookshelves, china cabinets, buffets, couches, armchairs, and more. Regardless of why you are clearing them out, these items are some of the most beneficial but challenging things to get rid of. They are large and cumbersome and can pose real challenges to getting them out of the house. If you are considering getting rid of some of these unwanted items, you will want to consider these two things: safety and removal options.


As mentioned, bulky unwanted furniture can cause serious safety concerns upon removal. Have you ever tried to bring a large dresser or four-poster bed upstairs? It can be physically taxing and can cause major injuries. Most average people are not aware of the safest ways to maneuver furniture or the best ways to keep from experiencing an injury from heavy or improper lifting. It is important to consider all of these safety concerns before moving unwanted furniture. Professional junkers like those at 1st Class Junk Removal can help move your bulky items safely and securely.

Removal Options

After grappling with the actual removal of your unwanted furniture, you will decide exactly how you want to be free of these items. You have a few different options to consider, detailed below.

  • Selling– if one or all of the items you don’t want anymore are in selling condition, you may want to consider listing them on a selling platform. Some options you can look into would be Facebook marketplace, Let Go, Craigslist, or even an old-fashioned garage sale. Many people are often looking for cheap furniture options on these platforms. Your items don’t need to be in excellent condition to sell either; as long as they are functional and their appearance is decent, you could get some money back.
  • Donating– if you don’t need the money or simply don’t want to take the time and energy to sell your items, you may consider donating them. There are many foundations like the Salvation Army or Laura’s House (a resource for survivors of domestic violence) that will gladly accept your furniture donations and make sure it gets into the hands of someone who really needs it.
  • Junking– if neither selling or donating are options for you, then you can choose to junk your items. If your items are broken or soiled and stained, this will be your best choice. You will want to make sure to choose the right junking company for your needs that can safely and efficiently get rid of your unwanted items. 

Contact the Professionals

Our trained team at 1st Class Junk Removal has over 20 years in the junking business. We can safely remove your items and either junk them or donate them for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to get rid of your items quickly and safely and to junk them in a responsible manner. Contact us today to help get rid of your unwanted furniture!



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